Why choose Befree Moments as your Branding Photographer??

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We are focused on supporting and/or creating your company’s custom vision through photography. Matching your brand is a priority to our approach. Your brand is our main focus while working together. We are consistently growing and upgrading our clients style and brand as the company evolves.

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Quality equipment, high quality skills in editing and delivering images. Easy to use downloading system. Expertise in photography and specialized training from some of the top photography companies, educators, and workshops in the industry. Experience in sales and marketing, as well as, up to date knowledge in social media trends and looks.

Product photography food photo


We are flexible to your needs and will customize our sessions to you and your brand. We honor our business to business relationship and put your company on our high priority list. This means faster than average editing turn arounds, first available in scheduling, and above and beyond work ethic and devotion to you.

 Commercial and Product Photography Packages

2 hours a month of product photography $600 Unlimited images edited.

4 hours a month of product photography for $950 Unlimited images edited.

6 hours a month of product photography for $1250 Unlimited images edited.

10 hours a month of product photography for $1750 Unlimited images edited.

Befree Moments has helped companies with meeting their marketing materials. We have assisted in launching companies and supporting their continuous need to update products and photographic materials. I offer a monthly service depending on your marketing and media needs. Befree Moments has helped companies and individuals grow in marketing, selling their products and in social media presence. I offer skills in working with children, stills, models, backdrops, lighting, editing to specific styles, etc. My focus is to support your company’s photography needs and exceeding them with our professionalism, quality, and kindness.