Befree Moments Photography

My favorite moments to capture are those that are genuine and candid. Bringing life to my photos, whether that be a through siblings playing and belly laughs, to raw emotional moments. Just like family, not all of life's journey is perfect. I love to embrace life's ups and downs, and all its imperfections.

My intention is to bring those emotions to life. No matter if you're looking at your pictures today, or ten years from now, I want those photos to make you feel those same emotions for a lifetime. Befree photos are timeless.

Befree Moments is a proud member of ClickPro list of Elite photographers in America. Click the link below to see our profile.


About the Artist

. Meet the Photographer- Alyssa Henson

Hi! I am Alyssa. I have been a photographer professionally for over 5 years. I have been taking pictures since I could operate my Polaroid camera. My husband and I own this Family Photography business called Befree Moments Photography as well as BeFreed Photography. Perviously, I have helped train and manage a team of newborn photographers for the state of Colorado for 2 years. I am also a newborn photographer for the incredible Sweet Me Photography company. I have worked in commercial photography for 3 years. Befree Moments Photography also is listed as one of the Elite female photographers from ClickPro Photography company.

I am a Netflix binge-watching, Starbucks in hand, animal and book lover, messy hair, celebrater of women, kindness promoter, messy homemaker, a burner of the dinner, curse when I'm on a rant, kind of woman. I am a passionate person. When I believe in something I do with my whole heart. I love being a wife to my amazing husband Jesse and a mother to sweet Sawyer. I had a near death experience and it has changed me to my core. I am extremely grateful for this life and I am trying to make every day joyful and alive! I have immense gratitude for all of life's gifts. Time moves too fast and my goal is to slow it down and freeze it for my clients.

But enough about me, tell me about you!